Thanks so much for visiting my site.  I've had some fantastic experiences as a theater practitioner over time, and for the past several years I've found that my favorite moments are in the classroom, imparting and interpreting to students techniques, ideas, and exercises that can encourage a theater artist to be entirely creative while in full synch with the story at hand.  "There is infinity on the head of a pin" one of my most influential director/teachers said to me once in rehearsal when I was 22, and that lesson about the marriage between individuality and specificity has pretty much become what making theater is to me.  I hope to continue to learn, so that I have more to give.

As for background, I have been a busy theatre practitioner since my graduation from Juilliard with a BFA in Acting in 1998.  I had many wonderful years as a New York actor that included turns on Broadway, in Blue Man Group, many commercials, some film and TV, and work on over 20 equity stages outside of New York doing primarily classical works. I chose then to attended University of Washington and earned an MFA in directing in 2013. My wonderful wife Christine Marie Brown, a great teacher and actor (if I may say so), and I have since been in Seattle where I've served as an Adjunct Professor at Seattle University and Cornish College of the Arts, and as Associate Director of Seattle's full-time private actor-training conservatory: Freehold's Ensemble Training Intensive.  All the while I've been able to maintain a high level of productivity acting and directing on professional stages.

Feel free to be in touch, and I hope you enjoy some stills from shows I've directed in the Projects section of this site, as well as the available CV and Resumes.

Very Best,


contact:  AndrewAndyMcGinn@gmail.com